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The EXIF Viewer by Fluntro Team

Here are some reviews we’ve received from our users:

Best Exif Viewer!


Excellent app! Has the quick action you can use when browsing the Photos app, or you can use this app directly to scroll through photos. Has the full range of data available and a great map that shows which direction you were looking when you took the picture. Can be exported into maps app.

All in all a very solid tool for the iPhone photographer, whether just someone using social media or for a more serious photographer.


Comprehensive and well-designed UI


“This app is extremely well thought out, works very efficiently, and puts the most-used information right at the top before you even get into all the other data available. Even during swiping, you immediately get access to image name, dimensions and file size as well as date taken. This is all vital information for anyone who works with photos and videos on anything more than a click-and-send level.

Beyond the EXIF interface, there are also additional management tools readily available. I’ve removed EXIF data and then imported into Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge without issue. I’ve also chosen the share option to share without EXIF information and have confirmed that also works seamlessly.

The overwrite function prevents a recipient from then recovering the EXIF data using another app.

Overall a brilliantly executed app. Thank you to the developers for all your hard work.”


Security alert for those who post pictures


“There is an old saying, it pays to advertise. Well everyone loves to take pictures of something new they got and may be worth money. You then post the picture online to share and it is wonderful, especially for crooks. Why? Because the gps tag on the picture show the location of where it is, to anyone and everyone. Would you go into a bad neighborhood and tell people there you have this valuable item that is easy to steal and resell and here is my address??? So I would recommend to use this to remove tags on valuable stuff before posting just to be safe.”

Bill fusion

Saved me from being scammed on craigslist buying a camera


“About this program to look at shutter count. I was looking at the camera on craigslist the person was scamming me. I had them send me a picture supposedly from the camera they sent it from their iPhone. Busted I’m glad this program helped me. If it wasn’t for that I might’ve got cheated besides that this is a very nice program I would recommend it to anyone.”

David Pires, CA,

Action Extension


“The action extension alone is worth the price. (Action extensions are the grey-scale icons you see after you tap the box-with-an-arrow-shooting-out-the-top/share/action icon while in Photos, Messages, or other apps.) I like the app for swiping through a group of photos and studying EXIF metadata, but what I really wanted was a way to see metadata that Photos doesn’t display, without leaving Photos. The extension does that. With the action extension, two taps (one on the share/action icon and one to choose View Exif) from within Photos and I can see exposure, file name, and so on, or two taps from within Mail or Messages and I can see on a map where that beautiful picture just sent to me was taken, assuming EXIF data is in the photo. And if I want to share a photo, another tap on the share/action icon, a tap to choose “Share with EXIF” or “Share without EXIF”, and the usual sharing options appear. Really sweet work flow. A tip if you’ve read this far – move the View Exif icon to be your second or third icon and manage and reorder the EXIF data tags to put the ones you use at the top.”