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EXIF Viewer by Fluntro is a pioneering photography app designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, it has revolutionized the way photographers and enthusiasts engage with their images. This comprehensive tool allows users to delve deep into the metadata of their photographs, uncovering a wealth of information that enhances their photography experience.

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“I’ve been scanning old family photos to preserve them digitally. Exif Viewer lets me quickly change the date, time and location data. Your can even select and change metadata on multiple pics at the same time. The best part is that it overwrites existing metadata (it doesn’t just create a copy of the image with the new metadata you just changed — like other apps do). This is one of the best app purchases ever.”

– FlyzButt


  • Effortlessly Remove EXIF Metadata, Including photo geotagging, with Our User-Friendly App.
  • Quickly View GPS Location, Coordinates, Altitude, and Direction with Our Advanced Feature Set.
  • Instantly Access EXIF Metadata of Photos Across Your iOS Devices and iCloud with Our App.
  • Discover Crucial EXIF Tags Including ISO, Shutter Speed, Focal length, Camera Model, Lens Model, Time stamp, Aperture and more with Our Feature-Packed App.
  • Easily Access Image DPI, Height, and DPI Width on iPhone and iPad.
  • Seamlessly Zoom in High-Resolution Photos of up to 80 MB with Uncompromised Clarity.
  • Customize Your EXIF Tag Display and Reorder Preferences for Enhanced User Experience.
  • Personalize Date Formats to Your Liking for a More Convenient Viewing Experience.
  • Effortlessly Conceal Photos Without EXIF Metadata for Enhanced Privacy Control.
  • Safeguarding Your Privacy: Removing Location Data Before Sharing Photos on Social Media and Beyond.
  • Effortlessly Navigate Between Photos in Exif Detail Screen with Intuitive Swipe Functionality.
  • Enjoy Seamless Performance on iPads in Both Landscape and Portrait Mode with Our App.
  • Experience Optimal Performance on All Latest iOS Devices, Including iPhone and iPad Series.
  • Enjoy Seamless 3D Touch Functionality and Quick Access to Favorite Features on Compatible Devices.
  • Access EXIF Data Using the EXIF Viewer Photos Extension.
  • Share Images Easily with Flexible Options for Including or Excluding EXIF Metadata.
  • Effortlessly Copy EXIF Data to Clipboard for Easy Sharing Across Multiple Applications.
  • Discover How Our App Retains EXIF Metadata While Sending Photos Through Mail, AirDrop, and More.


Q1) What is EXIF Metadata?

EXIF, or “Exchangeable Image File Format,” is important in digital camera and smartphone photography. It saves a lot of information in each photo, like camera settings (ISO, aperture, focal length, image size, shutter speed), camera and lens models, GPS location, and the date and time. This information helps photographers, both beginners and experts, understand and analyze how the photo was taken and edited.

Q2) What Distinguishes the FREE & Full Versions?

The FREE version has ads and only lets you choose the first two albums in the Albums screen and Photo Stream Albums screen. It also limits you to viewing EXIF details for the first 50 photos and up to 100 photos on the Map View. The EXIF Viewer PRO version has no ads and gives you unlimited access to all features without any restrictions.

Q3) How to Remove EXIF Metadata on iPhone or iPad using Exif Viewer App by Fluntro?

Use the Exif Viewer app by Fluntro to remove EXIF data in two ways:
Overwrite the original photo with a new version that has no EXIF data. Other apps can still revert to the original photo if needed.
Create a duplicate copy of the photo without any EXIF data. You can also choose to delete the original photo after making the duplicate.

Q4) How to Reorder or Hide EXIF Tags in the EXIF Viewer App?

Go to Settings and select ‘Manage & Reorder Exif Data Tags.’ To reorder, just drag and drop the items in the order you like. You can also turn off EXIF tags you don’t want to see on the EXIF Detail screen.

Q5) Learn to View EXIF Data Using the EXIF Viewer Photos Extension.

Open the Native Photos App (or any other 3rd party app). Select the photo(s) you want and tap the Share/Action button. Then, choose the ExifViewer app extension. The Exif Viewer app extension will show all the EXIF details smoothly. You can also share photos with or without EXIF metadata or copy EXIF details to the clipboard directly from the Photos Extension.

Q6) What are Various image Views in the EXIF Viewer App?

EXIF Cards List View: Swipe and flip cards for quick EXIF details (as shown in the screenshot).
Grid View: Provides a comprehensive visual overview of your photos.
Map View: Shows clusters of photos on the map. You can view EXIF details by tapping on a specific photo, available in both Satellite and Standard views.

Checkout the preview video of Exif Viewer by Fluntro: