How to view and modify keywords for photo on iPhone and iPad?

  1. Download the “Exif Viewer by Fluntro” App from Appstore

Appstore Link: –

Download EXIF VIEWER by FLUNTRO Appstore
Exif Viewer by Fluntro iOS Appstore screenshot
  1. After downloading and installing the app, open app and allow the app to access to your photos.
  2. Select the Desired Photo.
  1. Scroll down to keywords field to list of keywords stored in photos metadata

NOTE: Apple’s photos app now allows you for searching photos with Captions. But not keywords yet. We hope they would add this feature in future updates.

Adding/ Modifying keywords to photos on iPhone and iPad

  1. Tap on “EDIT EXIF” in exif details screen
  1. Scroll down to “Keywords” fields and add / modify your keywords by tapping on textfield
  2. Tap on “Modify” in confirmation alert view to proceed with changes

Changes made would be saved to the photo

 Highly Recommend to try out Lite (Free Trial version) first

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro Lite to view Photos resolution in EXIF Metadata before downloading Paid Full version.

Appstore link of Free Lite version :-

Appstore link of Paid Full version :-