How to open Photos location on google map or Apple Map

Use Apple’s native Photos App to view location of photo on Apple’s Map.

  1. Open Photos App
  2. Select desired photo
  3. Tap on “i” button at bottom of the screen
  4. Tap on location name
  5. Apple’s map app would open with pin at photo’s location

Another method to view photos location

Use any “EXIF” or “Image viewer” apps that allows you to view location coordinates, like ours “EXIF Viewer by Fluntro”

Appstore Link: –

  1. Download “EXIF Viewer by Fluntro” App from Appstore.
  2. After downloading and installing the app
  3. Open Photos App, select desired photo
  4. Tap on action button at bottom left corner
  5. Select “View EXIF”, which comes free along with main “EXIF Viewer by Fluntro” App
  6. scroll down to map view, Tap on “Open in Map apps”
  7. Choose between Apple Map or Google Map

 Highly Recommend to try out Lite (Free Trial version) first

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro Lite to view Photos resolution in EXIF Metadata before downloading Paid Full version.

Appstore link of Free Lite version :-

Appstore link of Paid Full version :-

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