2 thoughts on “How to Fix iPhone photos not showing location?

    • Sneha_Mohith says:

      As per our knowledge, On iPhone Airplane Mode only disables radio signals, like cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth etc.
      However it doesn’t Block GPS Signal getting received on iPhone.
      Probably issue is, when you don’t have enough sky visibility (GPS Satellite in visible area), then you might not get GPS Coordinates and photos might not get geotagged.
      However without Airplane mode, iPhone uses Wifi signals, cellular signals to triangulate location coordinates of your iPhone.

      We have tested functionality of GPS on Airplane flying at 35,000 feet height with Airplane Mode ON. GPS was able to capture GPS coordinates and GPS speed.
      Screenshot shared in following link https://exifviewerapp.com/how-to-check-altitude-and-speed-at-which-photo-is-captured/

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